Best of 2014

December 20, 2014

The Weather Network just released the Top 22 BEST Viewer Photos of 2014. Well yours truly happened to be amongst them. What else can I say but that I'm extremely honored to have been chosen to be one of them. There were hundreds of thousands of photos submitted through-out the year by viewers across our vast country of Canada, all weather related. Some far more impressive and outstanding than mine. What makes our place we call home so unique, is the extreme diversity of the climate that can be seen at any given moment on any given day of the year. It can range from Sun shinning T-shirt wearing on one side of the continent to Winter hats, mitts and scarf wearing on the other side. In the top photos of the year you see every season, from spanning from the West coast of BC crossing over 5,514 kilometers to most Easterly point of NL (Cape Spear) where my photo as taken. Its why so many people like me who love the vastness of the great outdoors and what better way to capture it and share it than a photo. Have a look for your self in the links below, better yet go out and experience it for yourself and share it with everyone, who knows it might be your photo I'll be seeing next year.

My submission (click photo to take you to The Weather Network site)