40 for 40

September 29, 2017

Sitting here thinking about how I turn 40 in two weeks time and wondering what I can do to make the milestone a memorable one. I started to think what I can do to make life more enjoyable, improve my quality of life. The regular things come to mind like, be more active, get back to the gym. Read more, keep my mind open. Eat healthily, learn to cook the food I love to try. Then a idea came to mind "40 for 40". Do 40 things when I turn 40. That works out to be one thing a week for the next year, give or take. Now the journey begins. All good things start with a plan, and leave some wiggle room for spontaneity.

In no particular order my list begins. I"m open to suggestion, and this list is not carved in stone and will be an ever evolving. If anyone has suggestions please contact me. The goal is have have them attainable.

1. Buy a stranger a meal

2 Help out at a food bank

3. Donate blood

4. Read a good book

5. Get back to the gym (routinly)

6. Take a trip that requires a plane

7. Help a friend in need

8. Make a new friend

9. Get a new tattoo

10. Shave my beard for charity

11. Do something that scares me

12. Learn a new skill (skateboard)

13. Lean to play a song on piano

14. Tech someone photography

15. Plant a Tree

16. Swim with dolphins

17. Dink a $200 bottle of beer (have ready)

18. Sleep under the stars