B&W Film

Photos that I've developed myself that were taken from various cameras such as a Kodak Duaflex, Canon AE-1 Program and a Rebel 2000.

Very pleased with how these shots turned out. Learned a great deal about how to develop my own film and what I need to do to improve or better yet what I can change to get a different result the next time. That's they fun part of photography, there are so many aspects like shooting styles, medium formats, techniques and personal desire on what you can do to capture an image. What I learned about black and white photography today is, its more about exposure and the contrast in the shadow and highlights in your shot than the subject your shooting especially in film where you have less post processing available than with digital. I knew some this going in, its the reason why I decided to shoot film, to slow me down and be more aware of what I'm doing and be less lazy photographer, its way to easy to say I'll fix it in post with digital. I'll continue to shoot more film over the summer to try and develop (no pun intended, lol) some good habits.