VO1XOX Sept 5, 2022

Around a year ago I went camping with my cousin Mark VO1MRK, We went tenting on the isthmus in Newfoundland. That day I was introduced to the world of armature radio. We were doing dx on 6m if memory serves me correct (I had no clue back then) still a noob today butt learning as i go. The geek in me was fascinated by how simple it seemed to just connect a mobile radio to a small 12v battery, string up a wire for an antenna, plug in a laptop and start chatting. I figure I could do that in no time, If any Tom, Dick or Harry with a rusted out 4x4 truck loaded down with a pile of wood, can go by the name "Big Red" how hard could it be. Boy was I wrong, First I needed to be licensed, who knew. This wasn't average CB radio I was used to seeing.

The following weekend I figured I'd do a practice test online and breeze past it then go get my license for the following week. How hard can it be. I know computers more then the average person, , I've even studied IT before, heck I grew up in the 80s/90s before the internet. Well I felt stupid. what the hell is this shit about propagation, ionization of the splitting F1 and F2 layers, wavelength and frequency. Forget all that stuff, the exam is only 100 question I'll just memorize them all. Wait.. what there's a 1000 damn questions they pick from. Okay, I'm gonna need to learn a little, If I just go through them a few times, I'll catch on. Okay, this isn't too bad. I know about power supplies, solar flare from Star Trek. I'm learning.. what the hell does skip distance have to do with anything, I'm not playing hopscotch. Okay I'm gonna need help.

Few month later I'm enrolled in a online class with Al Penny VO1N0, 2 days a week, 8 weeks. I'm ready for this. Just like when I went to college. take notes, review noted, ask question, don't look stupid.