Hitch Sept 1, 2021

Sept 1, 2021

The Twitch Streamer who goes by the name Hitch is known for hitch hiking around the world sharing his journey as he goes to his viewers. When the world closed its doors to the outside. Trevor (aka Hitch) had an itch to travel. Since COVID-19 hit the world it didn't seem right to be asking strangers for a ride to where ever they could take him. So he decided to pick up his bike and ride across Canada. Starting at his home province of B.C he headed east to Newfoundland over 8000km (5000miles) away.

It took Hitch about 84 days to reach PEI, where his journey was cut short by being denied to go any further. He packed up his bike and flew back home. Almost a year had passed and the world was starting to returning to normal. Hitch feeling the need to complete the bike ride cross country at the earlier possible moment packed up and headed back to the Atlantic provinces and started the second leg of his ride.

On his last day, Day 101 as he was entering the City of St. John's, Newfoundland he seen something shinny on the side of the highway. Stopping to pick it up he noticed it was a Mac Book Pro. It was damaged from being on the TCH for God knows how long and exposed the the elements, he decided to take it with him as he only had just a few more kilometers left.

Later that evening sitting in his hotel room, streaming to his viewers. He decided to call "Apple Support" to see if there was something that could be done to return the laptop to its proper owner. Having little info to go on since he could not power up the MacBook, and considering the unique circumstance on how it ended up in his procession, there was little to be done. Having only 24hrs left before flying home it seemed like there was little to no chance.

Hitch wanting to ride the final distance to the airport instead of having to pack his bike up at a local shop and getting a taxi there, one of his subscribers reached out to offer assistance and meet him there. After exchanging a brief conversation, he decided that the best chance for the MacBook ever finding its proper owner was not to leave the province with it, so he left it in the hands of his follower on chance something could be done.

Parting ways, Hitch's follower upon returning home had managed to get power to the laptop and turn it on. Finding out the screen was broken he was still able to connect it to an external monitor long enough to retrieve a name. Thinking how many people with that name could there be in his area he decide to do a quick Facebook search. Wow, there were only two. Messaging both he had gotten a response within minutes. As luck would have it, one of them could verify that it indeed belong to them and would eagerly pic it up the next morning. The owner had said it was stolen from his home a few weeks prior and figured it was gone for good.

Never in a million years after having a laptop stolen from your home, would you ever imagine some guy biking cross county weeks later would be the person to pick it up on the side of highway on his last day and it would be return a day later.